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GreenWorks 1500 PSI 1.2 GPM Pressure Washer Brass Turbo Nozzle Review


Have you been needing this optimal/optimally pressure-washer, which is likely to produce surface glistening? Nicely, Greenworks 1500 PSI 1 3 Amp 1.2 GPM pressure-washer GPW1501 is things you want to manage your lighting to moderate duty cleansing endeavours.

The gadget was fashioned for residential goal and so, maybe not excellent for business intent. It is sold with lots of attachment and accessories to both allow you to draw a glistening coating.

This system is more potent enough to allow you to wash your walls, driveways, decks, siding and outdoor furnishings, trucks, cars and trucks and much more. You may even remove your chimney employing the added 40-degree nozzle. This system is simple to utilize. It's likewise an ideal selection for everyone who would like the optimal/optimally pressure-washer to get lighting cleanup jobs in your residence. It's 1500 PSI rendering it a perfect option for cleansing surfaces using milder dirt and dust.

Was walking throughout low-e's one-day buying several bulbs, also stumble upon this tiny devil on clearance for $ 7-9... The GreenWorks 1500 PSI pressure washer.

There was one abandoned, also that I could not deliver myself to maneuver this up. I am delighted to get trained with a move ended up purchasing it a week after for about $100 on Craigslist.

A critical factor to bear in mind is you are handling some 1500 PSI electric pressure washer; never even petrol run the monster. Bear this at heart if you should be searching for something somewhat smaller sized to scrub your auto with. This is a fantastic pressure-washer for your correct individual.

Are you seeking to scrub off algae some bricks off? Ideal. Washing your entrance porch? Wonderful. Cleaning some sunlight in the garden? Particularly. Love washing your Vehicle each week? Yep, this can be a massive pressure-washer to you personally.

Any hose joins with it like all pressure-washers -- that the nozzle which is included with the machine is 20 ft. I discovered it to become enough when washing my Vehicle.

The theory is that you might exchange this stress washer batter together with almost any of much same pressure ranking; also, it'll work precisely. It has just a tiny bit of detergent jar that is suitable for into the batter sprays and handles steam foam in a deficient strain. I have incorporated a URL to your picture of the youthful man washing his automobile together with all the GreenWorks 1500 PSI pressure-washer along with additionally using it like being a foam cannon... when you should be trying to scrub your car or truck for this specific pressure washer, then scroll right down and look at out him.

Usually, you'd utilize this washer dryer for being a foam cannon to spray on soap over your Vehicle, and then as soon as you have a great cover of detergent. You also eliminate the polyurethane cannon, then change it using an everyday 40-degree nozzle and then spray your Vehicle, deck, and anything and wash off it in more significant stress.

Notice to auto proprietors: I would advise beginning using all the 40-degree nozzle onto your cards. It can spray water in lowly stress. In case your Vehicle is caked with sand along with also the 40-degree nose does not do the job, then beautiful... breeze onto the 25-degree and that which ought to be excellent however don't take be aware that paint state might be one variable and it's really possible (however improbable ) you get started draining off the paint... therefore maybe take to it onto some little corner of one's auto to ensure it is fine ahead of pressure-washing off a massive lineup farther down the medial side of one's spouse Toyota Camry.

Okay, enough blabbing... Let us watch it in motion!

Let us Speak about Sizes and Parts.
greenworks 1500

Two nozzles Have all the GreenWorks 1500 PSI Pressure washer.

The GreenWorks 1500 PSI pressure washer includes two nozzles: The very primary (whitened ) can be a 40-degree nozzle that provides a milder pressure along with one other (green) can be a 25-degree nozzle that features more durable stress. You get them out of your system only by turning them out and pulling out them -- it truly is a reasonably cozy fit, therefore, give it a fantastic pull to produce sure until you devote up.

To add a nozzle, then pull the inner end of this batter allow it to snap into place along with this nozzle (like the way the snap-in hose jack operates ). Once installed precisely along with and will probably undoubtedly be facing off from you. The stress washer snaps into the spray jar, and also your residence hose slides into the face of this washer dryer. In other words, however, otherwise, make an opinion.

It weighs only approximately 20 lbs and does not always have brakes therefore if you clean your auto one time a week/month this might perhaps not be considered a dealbreaker, however, if you were conducting small pressure-washing business, I would recommend investing in somewhat investing and more at a pressure washer with wheels.

This washer-dryer includes a 20-foot hose that links for the batter, which is not massive but is not overly short -- it has a pretty conventional span to get a pressure washer dryer.

All these are rather conventional technical criteria to get the entry anxiety washer-dryer.

One thing to see: Even the corporation who causes this pressure-washer GreenWorks, counselled me never put h2o that's thicker compared to 104 degrees Fahrenheit (or even forty degree Celsius) to this pressure-washer so should you desire a hot water pressure washer here that is something to stay at heart. In-full transparency,'' I have never utilized a pressure washer hot water so that I don't know a lot with this subject.

That Which We Would Not Like Concerning The GreenWorks 1500

The central 1 issue to consider this is this pressure washer is not assembled to get cleanup a huge structure web page or cleanup a huge cement flooring (a warehouse) or perhaps a 4-car garage. This is an entry pressure-washer, plus that is all it promises to be. Only wished to describe that due to the fact if you should be thinking of purchasing a washer along with also your sole practical experience is from petrol powered pressure washer, then and then you are going to discover that a tiny dinky/underwhelming.

Coming out of a petrol-powered washing machine , and using the other pressure-washer to-use I am clearly not likely to create my afternoon now anxiety washer and should the role of shopping for your self a pressure-washer is really to make use of it on the business I strongly advise shelling out that additional piece of dollars, since this device only would not have the ability to stay on top of enormous a significant structure endeavour's requires -- I imagine it would over-heat a long time until you are finished with that.

That Which We Heard Concerning The GreenWorks 1500

Greenworks 1500 psi can clean automobiles.

A Large Pressure-washer in case you are likely to be more washing your Vehicle

Adore the reliability of the pressure-washer. I discovered this magical after having a pressure washer with wheels for such a long time. Knowing that the consumer needs to pick up and place this down pressure-washer, they assembled it far more straightforward compared to the usual standard strain washer wheels. As a result of the, after I had been washing my automobile that I discovered it okay to shift it two. Cubic ft of hose would be a lot of maneuvers approximately differently.

This pressure-washer functions nicely as being a memory cannon on smaller sized tasks. I watched a man on Amazon whining concerning the polyurethane cannon, perhaps not doing work. However, this was not my encounter... I adored the foam mine generated. The man on YouTube underneath will get an excellent job together with the same pressure-washer, so I imagine some problems will be likely something to complete along with their detergent combination -- or even merely his hose'd very inadequate strain? -- way his practical experience derives from mine and that I feel that this is a substantial pressure-washer touse being a little job polyurethane cannon.

Greenworks 1500 PSI


Below are some top features with the mobile electrical energy washer system. Keep Reading to know More Concerning the particular machine.


The washer will probably provide you 1500 PSI, which will do for washing your Vehicle along with also other surfaces using sparse dust and dirt. Additionally, the 1500 PSI can allow you to safely have been your vehicles without even repainting the final from your paintwork and metal wheels. This gadget is your safe alternative will you want a passionate automobile pressure-washer dryer.

The engine with the unit can be a normal one, which is a 13-amp worldwide engine along with its particular atmosphere cooled. You ought to take care not to worry or overload the generator. The optimal/optimally thing regarding the driver with this gadget is the fact that it is waterproof and is likely to ensure it survives more. This machine uses just 1.2 GPM, plus it's beneficial for parts with small water distribution.

Dimensions and burden

This version weighs just 17 pounds; also, it will not get wheels to allow you to haul it all around. However, its lightweight style will compensate for the brakes. This version will also be little, and so it won't ever have a great deal of area within your garage split it off.

Its nozzle is 20ft very long. It features 35ft electricity cable, which is going to make it possible for one to completely clean wide-area devoid of relocating your pressure-washer in 1 place into the next. The human body with the washer is capable of sitting down over a lawn, and you're going to be in a position to continue to keep away your machine from your water. If you should be older and desire the very most beautiful hand-held washer to get home usage, then this specific version won't ever irritate you.

Portability and endurance

If you would like to have the optimal/optimally power washing machine that's remarkably mobile, subsequently Greenworks 1500 PSI 1 3 Amp 1.2 GPM pressure-washer GPW1501 is going to be your fantastic companion undoubtedly. The system is quite easy to go round as it's quite gentle. It includes long hoses and cables which are going to make it possible for one to get to any SUV or a car.
greenworks 1500

The version includes 25 along with 40-degrees nozzles that may provide you with some beautiful uniform spray of plain water. Even the vents may also be simple to join, and you also may suit any standard after-market nozzles and relish your cleanup responsibilities. This system is excellent for household usage, plus it'll permit you to wash lots of surfaces without even wasting time and power.


If you would like to have the optimal/optimally system that's successful for the house usage, then that machine will meet your wants. It is sold with various accessories that will let one to pick from. You certainly can perform more on this streamlined gadget. The potential accessories include turbo nozzle and surface cleanser, and also a high heeled soap applicator.

The 13-amp standard engine will shove enough drinking water fast by way of the 20-foot hose and also guarantees you'll get the consistent ability. This system is perfect for many decades of usage, and its particular water immune motor ensures sturdiness.


  • It's two-quick link attachments
  • You may put it to use vertically or horizontally, and this also increases its equilibrium and storage that is effortless. This system Is Quite elastic and perfect for Your House Usage
  • The electric-powered pump works softly and needs minimal care
  • The design is more lightweight and includes manage for simple transport
  • The version is pretty economical nevertheless includes amazing specs
  • It's an engine That's watertight, and also this will allow it to survive more
  • This device is lightweight and weighs just 17 pounds


  • The apparatus does not feature water distribution tank, and also water supply needs to become pressurized
  • The device Was Fashioned for light-duty cleanup just

greenworks 1500 pressure washer


Greenworks 1500 PSI 1 3 Amp 1.2 GPM pressure-washer GPW1501 could be you're optimal/optimally version that is constructed for the household cleaning demands. This machine is simple to set up and also its particular centers are quite user-friendly. In regards with lots of attachments and facilities that'll enable one to completely clean your motor vehicles, dwelling, drive and walkway. You may cherish its high-pressure pressure-washer bottle, flexible wand, and also 20ft questionable nozzle. You'll have to plug in your version in your electricity resource, and also you are prepared to start cleansing. The factor nozzles can provide you sufficient assortment of tension output that is right for cleanup endeavours. Be sure you may get the system as it's accredited.

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